Oskoreien – Illusions EP (2009) Review

In European folk mythology, the Oskoreien were a phantasmal horde of dead souls who roamed the land, often portrayed as being led by Odin, the Norse god of poetry and war. In Pagan lore, the Oskoreien (loosely translated “The Wild Hunt” ) were the only connection between the realm...

In Mourning – Monolith (2010) Review

In Mourning plays very modern sounding progressive melodic death metal. Some of their more progressive moments bring to mind Opeth. This is about as good as they get on this album. I really want to like this music more. There is a lot going on here and the subtly...

Finntroll – Nifelvind (2010) Review 8.9/10

There be trolls about. Finntroll is back with another frolic through the darker parts of the Finnish forest. Nifelvind is a lot more fun than their last album, Ur Jordens Djup. In Ur Jordens Djup, Finntroll really reached a dark point in their music. I don’t mean that in a bad...
Enfold Darkness

Enfold Darkness – Our Cursed Rapture (2009) Review

Enfold Darkness released their first studio album last year. Take somewhat technical death metal, add some great melodies, thrashy chord progressions, amazing guitar lines, and just a touch of black metal and you get Our Cursed Rapture. This music is a hell of a ride. I am almost shocked...

February has Been an Epic Month

Eluveitie, Rotting Christ, Borknagar, Finntroll, Dark Tranquillity, Martriden, Burzum, Kawir, Whispered, Embryo, Shaolin Death Squad, De Profundis, Scythia, Daysend, Throes of Dawn, Jack Slater, Ov Hell, Nydvind, and Immolation have all released CD’s. I’ll try to give you a one or two sentense preview of each one:

Eluveitie – Everything Remains As It Never Was (2010) Review

Everything Remains As It Never Was is here! Eluveitie is playing some of their heaviest and most melodic music. After one listen I have placed this beside Spirit as my favorite Eluveitie album. I’ll get my complaining out of the way now:  This music is almost too catchy. Some of...

Martriden – Encounter The Monolith (2010) Review

Martriden came out of nowhere (Montana) in 2006 with a self produced album that sounded about as clean as any death metal album I’d heard before. The album will filled with awesome riffing and the tracks rocked. Some of my old “Logan’s Inbox” videos used their riffs as intro...

Whispered – Thousand Swords review

Very few times have I seen a folk band that hasn’t included the now generic viking theme… slaughtering people through the Scandinavian area, traveling on boats to hidden lands, surviving the cold, we’ve all heard it before. But here is something new… a samurai folk band. Whispered is a...

2010 – Best of the New Year (So Far)

2010 is getting off to one hell of a start. January was pure insanity. Here are the ones to look for (IMO): Ihsahn – After Mother of God. This album is amazing. Vegard Sverre Tveitan keeps getting better. Now he is on an eight string guitar and the music...

Orden Ogan – Eastern Hope (2010) Review

Oden Ogan is a power metal outfit from Arnsberg, Germany. Their sound immediately brings to mind Wuthering Heights, Kuias, and sometimes even Machine Men. This album is text book power metal (epic melodies, keyboards, solid clean vocals, and great harmony). The production has an extremely modern sound to it....
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