Periphery – Periphery (2010) Review

Release Date: April 20, 2010
Genre(s): Instrumental Metal, Progressive Metal
Rating: 7/10
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Periphery – Periphery (2010) Review

Got djent?

on a more serious note, periphery is a progressive metal band from the USA. I honestly can’t classify them, they combine death metal, technical death metal, avant garde, prog rock, techno, hardcore, and some pop even, into their sound.

This album starts slowly, in a quite generic way unfortunately. Repetitive 8 string riffs, and uninspired vocals rule the first track, while it slightly gets better on “The walk”. The album really starts to shine on the 3rd track “Letter Experiment”, it is more technical than most of the songs on the album, with some fantastic riffage from Bulb (he played with animals as leaders, and kicks total ass.)

The vocal style is really what either makes or breaks the album for me, the screamed vocal sections are fantastic, very heavy and fitting to bulbs 8 string riffs. The cleans on the other hand can be very… pop-ish, which are REALLY hard to get used to with a band such as this. However i will admit that the vocals are executed quite well. “Jetpack was yes” features a lot of these clean vocals, and it works well, though not a favorite of mine because of the vocal section, bulb really pulled through with this track.

The tracks “Light” and “All new materials” are VERY similar to some of the work in Animals as Leaders, with vocals. Instrumentally speaking, this is just as good as animals as leaders, though the vocals make these songs drag a bit, and it blocks the insane execution of the guitarists in this group. The drum work is equally amazing on these tracks, with fantastic double bass to compliment the chugging, and symbol work to compliment it all.

After the first half of the album, the rest of it REALLY shines. “Buttersnips” features some insane tapping from Bulb, and drums to fit, the vocals really work well here, this track is one of the best on the album, and it keeps its technicality without sacrificing melody the entire way through. The following track, Icarus lives, has some great riffing, and vocals, much like the last track, minus a bunch of the technicality.

“Totala Mad” features some insane riffing, tapping, and background parts, very similar to those of Meshuggah. The vocals are very dirty for a lot of the track, and it features a whole lot of dissonance. This Meshuggah feel is kept for the following track, as well. Now i dare you to go listen to the intro to “zyglrox” and not piss your pants. Holy fuck this track rapes me every time i listen to it, it’s by far the heaviest track on the album, and it has some of the most insane tapping, harmonic work, vocals, and drumming I’ve ever heard, and is my personal favorite from the album. The album ends with a 15 minute long track known as Racecar, with some serious djent styled guitar, starting very heavy, and later transitioning into a softer, more melodic piece, with cleaner vocals. The end of racecar is a perfect finish to the album, but also represents many of the albums flaws.

This album has some really insane riffing, great solo work, tapping, drumming, and overall technicality in its work, but i think it would have worked MUCH better as an instrumental album, like AAL. The vocals work well in some songs, but truly ruin some other songs. The last half of the album is very, very good, while the first half just seemed to drag for the majority to me. The album isnt perfect, and certainly isnt a contender for album of the year, but its innovative, and definitely worth checking out regardless.

Periphery - Periphery (2010) Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


  1. Anonymous
    27 Apr 2010, 7:08 pm

    Good review man! Gotta agree with you on pretty much all of it. I loved the instrumental, but the clean vocals just were not my thing. Still a great album by a great band. I'm looking forward to the next one.

    Rating seems pretty fair to me! 😀

  2. Anonymous
    27 Apr 2010, 9:51 pm

    Thanks a lot! I really just think they need a more jens kidman esque vocalist really, even if they keep the current one, make him more subtle because those instrumentals are buried by the singing

  3. Twitch
    28 Apr 2010, 4:59 am

    It's a good CD, but I think some of the original songs from just Bulb sound better and especially without the vocals… Well, the vocals are fine, but I can't really enjoy the screams, I for one actually enjoy the singing more than the screaming, but personally I wish Casey didn't leave Periphery and had stayed with them.
    ^ Caseys' vocals.

  4. Anonymous
    28 Apr 2010, 10:31 am

    i have to say i like it a lot
    i like the mix of tech and prog

  5. renzuokun
    28 Apr 2010, 2:44 pm

    @twitch I love that songs vocal style, its that in some other songs the vocals drown out the technicality and melody of bulbs amazing playing, which really made it hard to enjoy in some parts of the CD.

  6. Twitch
    28 Apr 2010, 3:06 pm

    renzuokun – 21 minutes ago  » 
    @twitch I love that songs vocal style, its that in some other songs the vocals drown out the technicality and melody of bulbs amazing playing, which really made it hard to enjoy in some parts of the CD.

    That's the version with the old singer that didn't do any of the vocals on the new CD, Casey Sabol 😛 he has a solo album that he's working on right now which I am looking forward to.


  7. renzuokun
    28 Apr 2010, 6:17 pm

    very nice, the differences are very noticable and i do prefer the older singer, though the new one is still alright i guess.

  8. Anonymous
    30 Apr 2010, 9:23 pm

    Oh definately nothing wrong 😛 the CD is pretty good, I just didn't like the oerpowered vocals, or rather how they sound kind of generic -core sounding. I think the score of the review fits just great, although I would add on about .5-.7, but that's because I really like the songwriting.

  9. renzuokun
    30 Apr 2010, 9:39 pm

    So do i actually, i was thinking that 7.5 might be good. I LOOOOVE the song writing, thats the thing, if this were instrumental, or just had better mixed less boomy vocals it'd be another point higher at least.

  10. Profile photo of mickeydeath
    29 Nov 2010, 9:06 pm

    just fyi when this site gets fixed it be great if you could return this blogpost to renzoukon

  11. lol
    28 Jun 2011, 12:20 am

    Review is hilarious seeing as there is not one 8 string guitar on the entire album.

    Please continue discussion on the forum: link

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